Burners for natural gas or LPG single stage, two stage (hi-low flame) or fully modulating.

High pressure fan with adjustable combustion head to achieve high efficiency and flame stability.

Compact overall dimensions with easy access of components for adjustment, servicing and maintenance.

Gas train complete with fully adjustable modulating valve, safety shutoff valves, gas pressure switch, completely assembled, electrically linked and test.

Series X Single, 2 stage and Modulating 11 kW to 349 kW
Series XP Single, 2 Stage and Modulating 232 kW to 522 kW
Series P & P/M 2 Stage and Modulating 406 kW to 2900 kW
Series P/M 2 Stage and Modulating 1392 kW to 7558 kW

gas-burners_01For more information please download these brochures:

FBR Gas X Series
FBR Gas XP 60 M
FBR Gas P & PM
FBR Gas P750 M

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